Big data

Looking to harness the power of Big Data and need help with abstracting complexity to give users just what they need?

Smart homes, the Internet of Things, social media, mobile applications, and other technologies are generating an unprecedented amount of multistructured data. This "big data" has the potential to transform businesses and industries and to unlock tremendous value. The time has come to value data as a strategic asset that can help you win. Want to combine new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business?

We offer ROI-focused cloud and on-premises Big Data solutions with niche expertise in media, advertising, manufacturing, telecommunications, IoT and retail. Our accomplished architects and engineers will help you collect, clean and manage big data. We have experience building analytics and real-time performance optimization solutions. Working with close cooperation with in-house analysts, our experts focus on a big picture, using scientific perspective to data strategy that brings unique measurable opportunities for your organization.

We can help you design ROI-focused big data cloud and on-premises storage solutions for petabyte-scale data warehousing. We are experts at building autoscaling big data products on AWS and Google Cloud.

Your Big Data is growing. We can help you to put it to work to grow your bottom line.

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