iOS development

Looking to hire expert iOS developers or outsource your entire mobile project?

Our Apple iOS app development services help you launch a groundbreaking application with unique UX design and features. Our engineers have experience building award-winning iOS apps since the launch of App Store in 2008. Our development team is comprised from experienced professionals who intimately know iOS platform and build solutions with a sustainable and extended lifecycle. Leverage our extensive iOS expertise to build you a “state-of-the-art” iOS app.

How we build iOS apps


Our collaboration with clients starts by choosing a dedicated team from our full-time proven employees. We consider technical and business aspects, as well as clients' culture to ensure that Diophant and in-house teams work seamlessly.

Our experts will take your input and vision, produce recommendations based on the in-house expertise and build you an app optimized for user experience, engagement, retention and brand-awareness.


Our iOS app development process process starts with pre-production work. We determine key deliverables and make a preliminary sketch of the app. Next, based on that information, our team designs the application user interface. If you have existing designs, our team will use those. If you already have an app that needs an upgrade and quality improvement, we will review the app, ask questions, plan improvements and move to prototyping. To visualize your app and get a clear understanding of how it will function, we employ wireframes and storyboard sketches.

We strongly encourage stakeholders to be involved in all aspects of pre-production.


We produce your app using progressive iOS app development methodology refined with production feedback from some of the highest traffic properties. Our software engineers conduct tests within each iteration of the app development process. By identifying errors, bugs and gaps, we are able to fix issues in a timely manner, in parallel with the the app development. Our standard production process includes continuous integration and deployment, allowing all stakeholders to view the work-in-progress app and provide engineers with product insights.

Once release engineering is complete, we transfer the finished iOS app to you, with all developed assets and documentation. We are able to help with publishing your app on Apple iTunes App Store and provide post-release support.

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